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The Hidden Job is a career consulting and recruitment business that helps job seekers build their professional networks and tap into the hidden job market, and small to medium companies recruit better talent. The company offers complimentary job seeking resources and premium services for candidates primarily in the UK, North America, Australia & New Zealand.

Hey, I'm Sam.

A few years ago...

I booked a one-way flight and arrived in a new country with no job, no place to live and zero contacts. I had a one-year working holiday visa and I was completely clueless about how to land a job. 

I sent résumés upon résumés, I trawled job boards, reached out to people I thought who could help, attended networking events, recruitment fairs and… NOTHING. 

Not even a call back. 

Not even a rejection email. 

I decided that all of these methods didn't work. I was wasting time doing what everyone else was doing and competing against hundreds of other applicants. 

Something had to change. 

Since then, I've landed jobs at two of the world's most valuable brands and most profitable retailers - Apple and lululemon. I've worked as a headhunter for the executive arm of the largest recruitment firm in the world (Adecco) and also the largest privately-owned Canadian recruitment firm (Design Group Staffing Inc.).

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the top headhunters in North America and coached hundreds of candidates through the process of landing a job and how to build an authentic, professional network. 

Now, my job is to help you uncover truths, dispel myths and help you accelerate your search by tapping into the hidden job market.

Are you ready?