How to stick to your goals and create positive change

You know what?


I'm gonna be totally honest with you...  


I'm always failing to hit my goals or create good habits. 


"I want to eat better this week."

"I'm not going to drink for a month."

"I want to write everyday for an hour."

"I want to workout everyday day this week."

"I want to wake up before 5AM everyday this month."

"I'm going to journal about 3 positive things every night"


I say stuff like that to myself all the time but I never manage to stick to my goals (especially the second one!). 


Does that make me a bad person? 

Does that mean I won't ever be successful?

Does that mean I'll never be able to build a great career?

And, worst of all, am I alone in feeling like this?


Everyday when I see people like Richard Branson or Arianna Huffington killing it, or friends on social media accomplishing so much, I think "what's wrong with me?"


I got tired of feeling like I was failing at everything. 


So I decided something had to change. There had to be a way to hit my goals and create lasting change. That's when I remembered the "Don't Break The Chain" method by Jerry Seinfeld. It's not new, and you might of heard of it already, but I'm going to share my spin on it which has already helped me create better habits. 


In a nutshell, the human brain doesn't like broken chains or unfinished loops. 


Your brain likes seeing this: 

Not this: 

How To Create Lasting Habits: 


Get a piece of paper or print out a calendar. Place it near your bed - you want to be able see it when you wake up and go to sleep. 


Set the bar low for a goal of yours. Like really, really low.


Want to get fit? Rather than committing to running everyday or going to the gym every day, commit to doing one press up or crunch every morning. 


That's right, just one


Want to stop drinking? Try drinking less for 7 days first. 

Want to eat healthy? Try eating one piece of fruit or veg everyday for 7 days first. 

Want to wake up earlier? Rather than 5AM, try waking up just 10 minutes earlier for 7 days first. 

Set your easily-attainable goal for 7 days, or 14 or 30 - it's up to you. 


Most importantly, mark it off on your calendar with a marker and try to keep the chain or loop unbroken:


It can be as pretty or basic (or messy like mine) as you want it. But just make sure it's visible and it works for your style. Sometimes choosing a red or colorful marker helps or writing "How Bad Do You Want It?"


Feel free to mix it up and make it FUN with shapes, loops or words, e.g:

What simple goal are you going to set?

- Sam

P.S. here's more on Jerry Seinfeld's "Don't Break The Chain" Method