Time, Money, Manpower: a brief lesson.

Applying the Time, Money & Manpower* Concept

You have to learn to write and sell your accomplishments in terms of:

  • Time: when have you done something ahead of schedule? How long was the seminar you delivered? How often did you do a task? How long was that project?
  • Money: how much money have you made, saved or managed for the company? Talk in percentages or 4/5/6/7 figure budgets or the number of transactions, etc.
  • Manpower: how many people do you manage? How large is the team you work in? Who else do you work closely with? How many clients/vendors/customers do you maintain?

The top performers of any industry are always able to quantify their success and usually talk in terms of Time, Money & Manpower. For example:

Don't write this: "created and developed the company's marketing strategy and promotional materials"

Write this: "created and developed an 18-month strategic marketing plan which included the launch of 20 new products and 2 new services. The promotional materials spanned 4 distinct markets and involved collaborating with 3 other department managers (Sales, Supply Chain, and Distribution).

Being able to grasp and apply this concept will help you sell your accomplishments on paper, during an interview, and make negotiating your package easier.

*I also mean Womanpower and People-power.