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Learn how to 'hack' into the hidden job market and get coaching from a professional headhunter

What is The Hidden Job Market Course? 

The course is an online training and coaching program designed to help you accelerate your job search and build your network of hiring managers with video lessons, templates and one-on-one coaching. 

Your network = your net worth, after all. 

You'll learn how to uncover the hidden job market and secrets from the world of professional recruitment and headhunting. 

From résumé creation to building your LinkedIn brand to transitioning industries, this course teaches you how to navigate each step of the job searching process. 


What's so special about the hidden job market?

  • Up to 80% of all jobs are hidden in professional networks and word of mouth referrals. 
  • Being referred or headhunted can result in up to 50% increases in your compensation.
  • In some studies, you are 10x more likely to be hired via a referral.
  • Referrals get offered more money than unknown applicants.

What Makes You So Qualified to Teach Me?


well, A WHILE ago...

I booked a one-way flight and arrived in a new country with no job, no place to live and zero contacts. I had a one-year working holiday visa and I was completely clueless about how to land a job. 

I sent résumés upon résumés, I trawled job boards, reached out to people I thought who could help, attended networking events, recruitment fairs and… NOTHING. 

Not even a call back. 

Not even a rejection email. 

I decided that all of these methods didn't work. I was wasting time doing what everyone else was doing and competing against hundreds of other applicants. 

Something had to change. 

Since then, I've landed jobs at two of the world's most valuable brands and most profitable retailers - Apple and lululemon. I've worked as a headhunter for the executive arm of the largest recruitment firm in the world (Adecco) and also the largest privately-owned Canadian recruitment firm (Design Group Staffing Inc.).

I’ve worked alongside some of the top headhunters in North America and coached hundreds of candidates through the process of landing a job and how to build an authentic, professional network. 

Now, my job is to help you uncover truths, dispel myths and help you accelerate your search by tapping into the hidden job market.

But don't take my word for it...

Here's What You'll Learn:


Lesson 1:

The Truth About The Hidden Job Market

Uncover the truth about the hidden job market and learn what regular job seekers are doing wrong everyday. You'll also learn why applying to jobs online is the WORST way to look for a job. 

Lesson 2:

How To Sell Yourself on Paper

The "Résumé or CV Roadblock" is one of the biggest barriers to a successful job search. Learn how to SELL yourself on paper, how to format your résumé and what to write with a step-by-step video walkthrough. You'll also get access to templates that have helped me, and other top executives, land interviews at top companies. I'll also review your résumé for you. 

Lesson 3:

How to Build Your LinkedIn Brand

What is LinkedIn? Isn't it just another Facebook? Isn't it just an online résumé? Learn the common mistakes people make which can lead to being disqualified for a job and what it takes to make a stellar headhunt-worthy profile. You'll learn how to hack your photograph and what to write to make future employers WANT you.

Lesson 4:

How to Find Relevant Employers and Transition Industries or Roles

Learn how to uncover employers you didn't even know existed. Build your list of companies and hiring managers who can help take your career to the next level. I'll show you advanced strategies that regular job seekers are missing out on. 

Lesson 5:

How to Headhunt Your Next Boss.

We've all heard the saying "people don't leave companies, they leave managers". If that's true then surely as a job seeker you should have some choice in who you want as a manager. Learn how to reach out to potential hiring managers with headhunting message templates. These are the exact scripts I've used to build my network and headhunt candidates in the recruitment industry. 

Lesson 6:

How to Conduct an Informational Interview

You'll learn what an informational interview is, how to conduct them and the power they hold in building your network and your professional brand. Lesson 6 holds the key thing that I've done to get an offer from nearly every job I've interviewed for.  You'll also learn how to leverage your network and ask for job referrals. 

Lesson 7:

How To Interview Like a Pro

Interviewing doesn't have to be scary. Half of interviewing well is in the prep. You'll learn the different types of interviews and how to best prepare for each type. I'll show you my method for preparing for interviews which I've used time and time again to handle tough questions.

Lesson 8:

How to Answer Salary Questions

Shhhhhhhhh... we're not supposed to talk about money and asking for what you're worth is wrong. Only companies and hiring managers get to decide what you're worth. 


Learn how to deflect salary questions early on in the interview stages, how to gauge what you're worth, and what range you should ask for.


Additional Content

As well as the core video lessons, you'll also get résumé templates, supplementary documents and more to support you during your search. 

Every membership will get FREE lifetime access to future updates. 


Members will also receive: 

2 x 20 minute one-on-one coaching calls/strategy sessions to help you overcome major roadblocks (worth $90). 

Up to 30 minutes of priority email support for 60 days directly from me during office hours (worth $75)



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