Live Résumé Service FAQ

Q: Who is this service for?
A: I can work with most professionals (blue and white collar), new graduates who have some work experiences and most executives. For C-suite executives and senior professionals with extensive careers, I might recommend my premium service. 

Q: Who is this service NOT for?
A: People who have just graduated from high school, military veterans with no professional work experience (it's not you, it's my lack of knowledge with military ops). If you're a military veteran looking to transition to the corporate world - I might be able to volunteer a 30 minute session and we can learn from each other. Email me:

Q: How will I see the changes on my screen?
A: I'll send you a link to a shared Google Doc which only you and I can see. It will update on both ends as I write. 

Q: Do you proof the document?
A: Unfortunately not - we'll have both eyes on it together so we can look for mistakes but if you're looking for professional proofing services, I can provide recommendations. However, errors are usually caught and amended as we work together. 

Q: Do I have to be on the call the whole time? 
A: Yes, our conversation will be an interview style conversation where I'll draw out your key accomplishments from your career. This is how you'll learn how to sell and market your skills. 

Q: I'm interested in your course and coaching program which teaches people how to tap into the hidden job market and build professional networks - do I get a discount on that if I buy/bought this service?
A: Yes, absolutely! Email me and I'll send you a code which will discount the cost of this service from my course


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered? Email me: